SAP Unicode Conversion

Trusted & tested method to test your SAP functionality

 With Unicode conversion, the functionality provided by  SAP will not change. It just focuses on the way data is stored in a database.

 It differs from the upgrade of project or upgrade of support pack where major changes are done with functionalities.

 Unicode conversion offers a smooth process with various trusted and tested methods.

 Testing becomes easier due to the minimal requirement  of verifying the functionality.

Technical Prospect

The Unicode conversion process involves the database export using heterogeneous system copy giving coherent results.

The data is then reloaded in the Unicode format in the database in order to achieve the desired conversion.

Onsite or Remote Prospect

ProZoneTech is highly reliable when it comes to providing conversion or consulting services to its clients as it allows them to perform all the necessary actions remotely.

As a result, the Unicode conversion process does not allow to incur unwanted costs while turning out to be cost-effective.

The size, as well as the complexity of the SAP system, determines if your system needs an onsite or remote approach for Unicode conversion.