SAP Capacity Planning

Stabilizing SAP Environment to Meet Business Needs

 Successfully implementing and using SAP environment capacity planning & sizing play an important role.

 It determines a company’s stable performance and efficiency for a certain period of time.

 A most important aspect is to translate SAP requirements into available hardware and other technical areas to implement a scalable & flexible SAP landscape.

SAP Lifecycle & Events Triggering Capacity Planning

New SAP Implementation
Database Growth
Increased Number of Users
Additional Functional Modules Implementation
Additional SAP Components Implementation like CRM, BW, APO
Change in Hardware or
Database Technology
Implementation of
SAAS solutions

Components Involved with Capacity Planning

 Server  H ardware  C apacity

 Database Capacity & Performance

 Storage Capacity & Performance

 Database Growth and Archiving

 EDO and Data Exchange Load

 Extra load due to Interface with other SAP Components

 User Desktop Requirement

 SAP Transaction and User load

 Portal Capacity Requirement and SAP Web Application